Who? Lowe Light Photography?

A very friendly, dedicated, and capable hobbyist I’ve been photographing all the nouns I can find for about 10 years using film and digital media. Originally from Toronto and New Brunswick, Canada, I’m now in the UK continuing to do what I love with a simple and portable setup.

I lean toward people, portraits, and fashion for commercial use or just having a fun day out. My Portraits gallery should give you a taste but don’t let that limit you: all ages, experience levels, styles, all walks of life welcome and encouraged.

I also offer Real Estate, Commercial, and Hospitality photography services to Realtors and business owners looking for photos of their business or workplace, with accent or fill lighting where necessary.

Ok, but what do you offer that’s different?

Many photographers offer wonderful photo packages delivered in beautiful ways. Lovely, but costly.

I’m offering a budget-friendly, no nonsense photo product that can take as little or as much time as you have. We can do a few hours romping around town shooting clothing, hair, or makeup styles in a variety of locations. We can get your staff or workplace team webshots for your ‘About Us” page. Maybe you just want a couple of quick one-off headshots for your linkedIn or Facebook profile. I don’t waste any of your time; get the shot, get on with your day.

Well, I am on a bit of a budget.. what can I get done?

I pour as much as I know into what I do and try to be creative. To stay within your budget, we can plan the time spent shooting or the time spent editing.

Contact me with your ideas or questions and we’ll talk about what you want to do vs. what I charge. I don’t have set rates per se as it can depend on a number of factors, most notably the time spent AFTER the shoot editing photos.

It’s all about the light. Get that right and any photo will look great with any equipment!

Trevor Lowe

** Safety is of paramount concern! I will not entertain dangerous locations, pyrotechnics, smoke bombs, trespassing, or anything that may damage property or pose a risk to mine or anyone else’s safety or credibility. I always encourage my customers to bring a chaperone(s) of their choosing.

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