Who? Lowe Light Photography?

A very friendly, dedicated, and capable hobbyist I’ve been photographing all the nouns I can find for about 10 years using film and digital media. Originally from Toronto and New Brunswick, Canada, I’m now in the UK continuing to do what I love with a simple and portable setup.

Many photographers offer high end packages delivered in wonderful ways but since this is not my full time job (yet) what I’m offering is a simple, to the point product while having fun at the same time. Whether it’s a few hours romping around town shooting clothing, hair, or makeup styles in a variety of locations, or just a couple of quick one-off headshots for your linkedIn or Facebook profile I tend not to waste any of your time; get the shot.

I lean toward people, portraits, and fashion whether it’s for commercial use or just having a fun day out modeling as evidenced in my Portraits gallery. Everything from one-light setups blended with ambient to get that pop to full studio shoots.

I also offer Real Estate and Hospitality photography services to Realtors looking for well-lit photos with straight verticals and accents where necessary.

It’s all about the light. Get that right and any photo will look great with any equipment!

Trevor Lowe
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